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Chinese President Xi Joins Facebook

Chinese president Xi Jinping has joined Facebook even though the social media giant is blocked in China.

China's government censors block the average citizen there from viewing Facebook, but that hasn’t stopped President Xi Jinping from joining the social media giant to promote his U.S. visit.

The Facebook page, which is branded with the hashtag #XiUSAVisit, contains pictures and videos of Xi meeting with business people, U.S. President Barack Obama and other dignitaries and of course, pandas.

Also posted are pictures of tourist spots in China, videos about the recent state dinner at the White House and other highlights of his visit.

Some of the posts celebrate Sino-U.S. relations, others highlight Chinese history, economy and infrastructure.

None of these details can be viewed by Xi's constituency back in China, which blocks many Western sites including Twitter, Google and YouTube. Instead, Chinese companies offer a range of government approved social media outlets, including Youku and Weibo.

Xi's page, which already has just over a million likes, has in turn "liked" several other Facebook pages, all them official Chinese media outlets such as CCTV, which frequently posts on Facebook and Twitter for its audience outside of mainland China.

Last week, Xi met with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg along with more than two dozen other leaders of major tech companies from the U.S. and China.