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Two Tibetans Self-Immolate in Barkham

From left- Tenpa Darjey and Chimey Palden (Photo: Kirti monastery)
From left- Tenpa Darjey and Chimey Palden (Photo: Kirti monastery)

Two Tibetans self-immolated Friday around noon in Barkham, capital of Ngaba Prefecture. The latest self-immolations bring the number of Tibetans who set themselves ablaze in Ngaba prefecture since March last year to 22. More than 33 Tibetans are known to have self-immolated from Tibetan populated regions in China since February 2009.

According to spokesperson of Kirti monastery in India, the two monks of Tsodun Kirti monastery, identified as Tenpa Darjey and Chimey Palden, set themselves on fire outside the local government offices to protest Chinese repressive policies on Tibetans.

Same sources say Chinese security forces took both men and that one may have died at the scene of the protest. Their present conditions and whereabouts are not known.

Heavy Chinese security forces are known to have been deployed in the region after the self-immolations.

The Tsodun Kirti monastery has present monk population of around 300 and it is located 80 kilometers from Barkham town.

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