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Two Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Fight Disbarment

Two Chinese human rights lawyers who defended Falun Gong practitioners are now fighting efforts to have their licenses to practice law revoked.

Tang Jitian and Liu Wei attended a hearing Thursday on charges of disrupting order in a court and interfering with judicial procedures.

The lawyers face permanent disbarment over the charges.

The accusations are related to a hearing last year in which the lawyers defended a member of the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement. During that trial, both lawyers walked out of the courtroom to protest what they said was judicial meddling.

Rights groups say the case is part of a larger effort by China to clamp down on lawyers who take on human rights cases.

China has banned the practice of Falun Gong since 1999 after practitioners staged a protest around China's Communist Party headquarters.

Some information for this report was provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.