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TWA Marks 29 Years of Service

TWA Marks 29 Years of Service
TWA Marks 29 Years of Service

The Tibetan Women's Association based in Dharamsala, India held a closed door meeting for all the former executive members to mark its 29th year of service in exile.

The meeting was held at Hotel Tibet, Dharamsala, and was attended by nearly 100 former executive members. “We are gathered here to discuss the ways in which the association can serve the Tibetan cause,” said Tashi Dolma, the current president of TWA.

“TWA have put forward five main demands of this meeting and urged international bodies to look into the unjust sentencing on the relatives of self immolators.” said Diki Lhamo, the joint secretary of Dharamsala regional TWA in the introductory speech. She further talked about the services initiated by the association to improve the livelihood and education of Tibetan women.

The Tibetan Women's Association, which was re-established in 1984 with 800 members in 12 regional chapters now holds 52 chapters worldwide with over 16,000 members.