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TSS Organizes First Founding Day

Tibetan Social Service
Tibetan Social Service

Tibetan Social Service, a not for profit organization founded in 2012 in Dharamsala, northern India organized its first founding anniversary on October 19, 2013 for a period of two days.

"TSS aims to provide free services to the Tibetan community specially in the areas of leadership training, awareness programs, educational support, community services, etc." (tibetansocialservice.org)

Penpa Tsering, speaker of the Tibetan parliament, said during the opening function that the Tibetan NGOs should particularly strive to put more effort in the area of work where the Tibetan administration in exile hasn't been able to do much, while giving examples of new programs and settings that could serve the Tibetan community efficiently.

Chime Youngdung, the founder and director of TSS gave a brief annual report of the organization and said that they are extending their reach to the Tibetan settlement areas and abroad.

The meeting concluded on October 20, 2013.