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Tibetan Film Maker Discusses Significance of Environment and Wildlife Preservation Movies

Tibetan Film Maker Talks about Making Films on Environment and Wildlife Preservation
Tibetan Film Maker Talks about Making Films on Environment and Wildlife Preservation

Tenzin Khepahk, a Tibetan wildlife filmmaker was the speaker of the "Diaspora: A Tibetan Perspective" program held at India International organized jointly by the Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Empowering the Vision on November 17, 2013.

Tenzin Khepahk presently works as a producer at the 'Riverbank Studios' in Delhi, a film production house headed by renowned wildlife filmmaker and a conservationist, Mr. Mike Pandey.

Over the last seven years, Khepahk has made several educational films as part of Earth Matters, one of the India's most popular wildlife and environment series being telecast on the Indian National Network, Doordarshan.

Last year his film on "Mangroves" was selected as one the best environmental conservation films and screened at the Indian Film Festival 2012 held in Goa. He has also made a film on "Bar Headed Geese" a winter migratory bird from Tibet. The bar headed geese have become a flagship bird of the Pong dam in Himachal. The film was commissioned by Himachal government.

In collaboration with another young Tibetan filmmaker, Sonam Tseten,Khepahk owns a film production house named 'Creative Yak Films' and under its banner they have made films on health and education system of Tibetan community in exile.

Alumni of Central School for Tibetans at Paonta Sahib, Khepahk orginally belonged to Mundgod Tibetan Settlement in Karnataka, South India. He holds BA in journalism from Mangalore university, and MA in mass communication from Manipal university.