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Tibetan Activists Enters 29 Days of Hunger Strike

Dorjee Gyalpo forced by police to seek medical care late Monday

Three Tibetan independence activists are today 29th day into a water only fast outside of the United Nations in New York. VOA Tibetan reporter Pema Dorje visited the site to interview 32-year-old Shingza Rinpoche and 39-year-old Yeshi Tenzing, who have both traveled from India.

On Monday night, New York police and medics forcibly transported the oldest striker, 59-year-old Dorjee Gyalpo, to a local hospital out of concern for his deteriorating condition. He remains in hospital but has refused food and is only accepting intravenous fluids.

The three men have been sitting on thin mattresses under Tibetan flags in a small park across from the United Nations since February 22.