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Oikos University shooting: Gunman targeted administrator

Students and onlookers at Oikos University talk amongst themselves at the scene of a multiple shooting at the school in Oakland, California, April 2, 2012.

Police in Oakland, California say a former student opened fire at a Korean-American Christian college Monday, killing seven people and wounding three others.

33-year-old Tibetan woman Sonam Choedon was one of the seven who was killed in the mass shooting.

Another Tibetan woman who was also present at the scene said she closed the door and switched off the light after hearing the shots.

"Very quickly the guy came in our door, banged it and started shooting on the door," said Dechen Yangzom.

"I think it was three or four times he shot on the door and he maybe he thought nobody was inside because it was dark and he couldn't see anything," she said.

Witnesses say the suspect shot one of his victims at a reception desk at Oikos University before spraying bullets inside classrooms.