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New Delhi Tibetans Protest Indo-China Border Talk

Exile Tibetan protesters mourn for Tibetan victims of self-immolation during a protest in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012. The protest was against lack of Tibetan representation in the ongoing border talks between India and China in New Delhi. (A

Organized by Tibetan Youth Congress, around 500 Tibetans staged a protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi against the holding of the 15th Indo-China border talk in the Indian Capitol.

India’s National security advisor Shivshankar Menon and Chinese state councilor Dai Bingguo held the two day boundary talk starting from Monday January 16. “We protest the holding of border talks between India and China without Tibetan participation. There never was a border between India and China (prior to 1959) and we will never let them distort history.” aaid Tenzin Norsang while addressing the protest.