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ICT President Meets Tibet Support Groups in Delhi


Mr. Matteo Mecacci, the new President of International Campaign for Tibet [ICT] met a group of Indian Tibet Support Group members at India International Centre in New Delhi on the evening of February 14, 2014.

Mr. Lodi Gayri, board member of ICT introduced Mr. Mecacci and said that India is the most important support for Tibetan struggle. "If we do not have their support, I know this will not happen, no support from United States, no support from Europe, one support that we can not do without is India," says Lodi Gyari.

Former Indian Cabinet Additional Secretary Dr. Jaya Dev Ranady; Dr. Mrs. Sondhi of Professor Sondhi Memorial Trust; Convenor of Core Group for Cause Mr. Vijay Kranti and around 40 prominent members had come to meet the new president of ICT.