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ICT Delegation Visits Dharamsala


Matteo Maccaci, the new President of International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) based in Washingon, DC is on a three-day visit to Dharamshala, North India from February 10, 2014.

Steve Schroder, ICT Board Member and Ms Tsering Jampa, Executive Director, ICT Europe were among other members in the delegation.

Maccaci tells VOA Tibetan that it is important for him to come to listen and meet the concerned people to strengthen the Tibetan movement. ICT is trying to bring new strategies after he took over as the President in December, 2013.

Ms. Tsering Jampa said this year's ICT delegation aims to introduce their new president to the Tibetan leaders in Dharamsala, including the NGO heads to exchange views in bringing new strategies while dealing with China and Chinese people while knowing how best to support the Tibetan issue.

During the three-day visit, the delegates will have an audience with the Dalai Lama, meeting with all Kalons of the Tibetan administration in exile, Speaker of the Tibetan parliament in exile, representatives of NGOs, and institutions in Dharamsala.

Mr Tashi Phuntsok, Secretary of Department of Information and International relations, who met with the delegates yesterday along with DIIR kalon said, 'CTA applaud the long term support of ICT to the Tibetan people and urge them to continue to strengthen the support.'

The International Campaign for Tibet was founded in 1988, and has been proactively promoting the human rights and democratic freedoms of the Tibetan people. With its main headquarters in Washington DC, ICT has office branches in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Brussels.