གཟའ་ཕུར་བུ། ༢༠༢༤/༠༧/༢༥

Four Tibetans Arrested over 2 Books in Ngaba

Chinese authorities in Ngaba prefecture arrested 4 Tibetans with links to publishing of "banned" writings about the situation of Tibet, according to Gendun Tsering, a monk from Rongtha monastery in Lhyungchu.

Gendun arrived in Dharamsala last month evading arrest for his "anti-government" articles in his two books. Gedun says he has been hiding since February last year.

Tsering Dhondup, 23, another monk of Rongtha monastery was arrested for assisting Gendun in publishing 2 books. A Tibetan writer named Tsering Tenzin was arrested on Jan 3, 2011 from a internet cafe called Yangchenma in Xining for an article published in Sonmig. Both the men are currently held at Barkham County detention centre, says Gendun.

The authorities also arrested the Tibetan owner and 2 women employees of Pandita Printing Press where the books were allegedly printed. Pema Tso, 17, was arrested on February 26, 2010 and Yangchen Kyi, 30, was arrested on March 30, 2010. While Pema is held at Barkham County detention centre Yangchen is held at a detention centre in Nagchu County. The owner of the Printing Press however was released shortly after.

Information for this report was provided by Phayul