Tibetan Students in Exile Sit for Solidarity Fast

Tibetan students from various schools in India organized "Fast for Freedom", a day's fasting on Sunday in solidarity with Ngaba Prefecture Upper Middle School student's hungerstrike a day after Phuntsok set himself ablaze to mark 3 years since bloody crackdown in Ngaba in 2008.

Students for a Free Tibet, the organizer of the day fast, say hunger strike by students were also organized in various other places in India, US, Canada and England. Tenzin Choedon, National Director of Students for a Free Tibet – India, said Tibetans in Ngaba are risking everything to defy Chinese rule and to alert the world to the true suffering of the Tibetan people.

The organization said the fasting is to show solidarity from the Tibetans students in exile to Phuntsok, who took his life after he self-immolated as a sign of protest against China on March 17 following students of Ngaba prefecture Higher Middle School sat on a fast which is reportedly being continued.