Deadly Flooding Continues in China

Massive landslides in western China this week have left 37 people dead and another 37 missing.

The worst-hit area is the small town of Xiaohe in Yunnan province, where a landslide killed 13 people earlier this week.

The landslides in Yunnan and the neighboring provinces of Sichuan and Hunan were triggered by several days of torrential rains that sent water levels along the Yangtze River region rising to dangerous levels.

More than 10,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes in China's Jiangxi province early Wednesday after flash floods overflowed several reservoirs.

China's official Xinhua news agency says the Ministry of Civil Affairs says 107 people have died from torrential rains and flooding since the beginning of July, with another 59 people missing.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Xinhua