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Dalai Lama Says Corruption is Form of Violence

Corruption is Form of Violence: Dalai Lama
Corruption is Form of Violence: Dalai Lama

While speaking to students and teachers of Step-By-Step school of Noida City in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the Dalai Lama said corruption and bullying is also a form of violence.

"Violence is not necessarily with weapon and killing and bullying but corruption is also a form of violence," said the Dalai Lama.

Also when speaking about the ancient Indian tradition of religious harmony, he said that he was surprised to see many religious minded Indians indulge in corruption.

He further added that India is the living example of religious harmony. "I always say to people, India is the living example where different religious traditions can live together."

The Dalai Lama also spoke on the importance of compassion, the reality of interdependent nature of all phenomena and secular ethics. Since there was no lesson on moral ethics in the school curriculum, he told them to combine India's thousand year old knowledge of psychology and others with modern education to lead a happy life.

The lecture program at the school was organized with the help of Foundation for Universal Responsibility of the Dalai Lama under its program called WISCOM. The school with 1800 students was established with the help of an Indian business family Mr. & Mrs. Ramesh Suri in the year 2008.