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Dalai Lama Inaugurates Sera Mey Meditation Center

Sera Mey Meditation Center
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The Dalai Lama inaugurated a meditation center at Sera Mey Monastery on December 31, 2013 where he advised others to make proper use of the center and practice meditation by training one's mind.

Geshe Jampa Wangden, the director of the meditation center said that the center has 10 rooms for 20 meditators with indoor basic facilities and a hall in the center.

Sera Mey Meditation Center
Sera Mey Meditation Center
Sera Mey Monastery will start with two yogis and are soon planning to invite all the former Sera Mey yogis who are meditating in the caves around Himalayan countries.

The Dalai Lama also visited Geshe Lobsang Thupten, former Abbot of Sera Jey, who is lying sick at his residence before the teaching.

After an hour of afternoon session, the Dalai Lama presided over a function at Sera Jey Monastery to meet the teachers and sponsors of Sera Jey, where he will be staying during the rest of his Lamrim teaching at Sera Monastery.