Chinese Man Arrested For Leafleting About Nobel Winner

Liu Xiaobo

Chinese dissidents say a man has been arrested in the southern city of Guangzhou for handing out leaflets announcing the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to democracy-rights campaigner Liu Xiaobo.

A group called Chinese Human Rights Defenders says Guo Xianliang was arrested last week and his wife was notified of the detention on Tuesday. It says she was told Guo could face trial on charges of inciting subversion.

The group says Guo is not a well-known activist and has not been arrested before.

Many Chinese dissidents have been closely watched or confined to their homes since the award was announced on October 8. But Guo is the first to face the threat of being put on trial for activities related to the awarding of the Nobel prize.

The charge of inciting subversion is the same one on which Liu was convicted. He is serving an 11-year prison sentence for co-authoring a tract calling for democratic reform.

China denounced the decision to honor Liu, saying it showed lack of respect for China's justice system.

News of the award was kept out of the Chinese language press and, in the hours immediately after the announcement, foreign cable news channels were blacked out in China.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and AFP