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China Releases Political Prisoner in Critical Condition

Goshul Lobsang (source:tibettimes.net)
Goshul Lobsang (source:tibettimes.net)

Goshul Lobsang, 43 was arrested by Chinese officials on May 5, 2010 with the allegation that he was the leader of the 2008 Machu Protest. Although Lobsang was released last year on October 27 2013, his health kept deteriorating as he was subjected to severe torture during his interrogation in the prison.

Goshul Lobsang arrived at the Suja Tibetan school of Kangra, North India in1992 and returned to his home in Eastern Tibet after receiving his education.

It has been reported that since his release from incarcenation, Lobsang's health has been in a critical condition. However, he has refused to seek treatment in Chinese hospitals, and according to sources from the area, Lobsang is expected to live no longer than a week.