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Nepalese Border Police Detains Nine More Tibetans - 2003-07-17

Tibetan stringer Gedun Rinchen reported that the Nepalese police have detained nine more Tibetan refugees in the eastern district of Okhaldhunga. The refugees were detained for illegal entry into Nepal and were brought to Rajbiraj from Okhaldhunga, according to a high level official from the regional police office of Rajbiraj. It is reported that the refugees were handed over to the UNHCR. Recently Nepalese authorities handed over 19 Tibetans to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Last May Nepal was severely criticized for deporting 18 Tibetans to Tibet. US Senator Dianne Feinstein withdrew a proposal in the Senate for duty-free access for garments from Nepal in protest against deporting 18 Tibetans.