གཟའ་མིག་དམར། ༢༠༢༤/༠༣/༠༥

Dalai Lama Arrives in Japan བོད་སྐད།

Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Friday started a week-long visit to Japan for talks on spirituality, his first trip overseas since a health scare.

The Dalai Lama smiled and waved as he was welcomed at Narita airport near Tokyo by dozens of Tibetan expatriates, Japanese well-wishers and fellow Buddhist monks.

During his stay, the Dalai Lama is scheduled to give speeches arranged by a Japanese Buddhist group and Tibetan supporters. He will also visit children and monks.

He is due to travel to the southwestern city of Fukuoka to deliver an address on compassion and happiness and to speak in Tokyo about the nature of the mind, organisers said.

Information for this report was provided by AFP