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Dalai Lama Tells French Lawmakers China's Tibet Crackdown Continues བོད་སྐད།

French lawmakers say the Dalai Lama has told them that China continues to crack down on dissent in Tibet in spite of the Beijing Olympics.

The French lawmakers held a private meeting with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader in Paris Wednesday. They say the Dalai Lama told them Chinese authorities are carrying out arbitrary arrests, summary executions and torture to death in Tibet.

The Tibetan spiritual leader also is quoted as saying China has reinforced its military presence in the province.

One French lawmaker (Jean-Lousi Bianco) quotes the Dalai Lama as saying China plans to send one million majority Han Chinese to settle in Tibet after the Olympics.

China denies trying to change Tibet's demography and says it has made efforts to preserve Tibetan culture. Beijing accuses the Dalai Lama of inciting recent unrest in Tibet to sabotage the Olympics -- a charge he rejects.

Earlier Wednesday, the Dalai Lama told a Paris news conference that the international community should pressure China to join what he called the "mainstream of world democracy." But, he said China must not be isolated and said Beijing "deserves" to host the Olympics.

China says the Dalai Lama is seeking to make Tibet independent, but the Buddhist leader says he only wants autonomy and religious freedom for the region.

The Dalai Lama arrived in France on Monday for a 12-day visit most of which is devoted to religious activities. President Nicolas Sarkozy does not plan to meet him, prompting critics to accuse the French leader of giving in to pressure from China.

A French official government minister says Mr. Sarkozy will host the Dalai Lama at a ceremony for Nobel peace laureates in Paris on December 10th.