Chinese Police Arrest Pro-Tibet Protesters, Detain Journalist བོད་སྐད།

Seven Americans and a Japanese national have been arrested in Beijing after staging a demonstration near the city's main Olympics venue.

Members of the group Students for a Free Tibet were quickly arrested after they hung a pro-Tibet banner in a park near the National Stadium Wednesday. Five protesters attempted to block the entrance to the park with bicycles.

A British television journalist who was covering the protest was roughed up by police, despite his efforts to show he is accredited to cover the Beijing Olympic Games.

John Ray of the London-based ITV News said he was dragged to a nearby police van where he was briefly detained. Authorities confiscated his equipment.

The International Olympic Committee said the media must be free to report on the Olympics. An IOC spokesperson said the committee will investigate the incident.

Chinese authorities said people wishing to protest can use three designated parks that are far away from the Olympic venues. A spokesman from China's foreign ministry said demonstrations may only be carried out after they are approved by the government. So far it appears that no protests have been approved.

Human Rights Watch says a Chinese activist was arrested on Monday after he applied for permission to protest.