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Paris Awaits Obama

After a stop-over in Germany, democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is due in Paris Friday, where he is expected to meet with President Nicolas Sarkozy. Lisa Bryant has more for VOA from the French capital.

As elsewhere in Europe, the U.S. presidential campaign has riveted France - particularly that of Democratic hopeful Barack Obama. Partly because French are eager for a change from the Bush administration, which is generally unpopular here.

Senator Obama is expected for a late afternoon talk with President Nicolas Sarkozy - who holds the rotating European Union presidency - followed by a joint press conference.

In Berlin Thursday, Obama held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, then spoke before tens of thousands of people in Berlin. Obama called for strengthening transatlantic ties that have frayed in recent years, and urged Europeans and Americans to work jointly to fight terrorism.

Here in France, many people are eagerly awaiting Obama's arrival. Paris resident Farid Aich is one of them.

Aich says Obama has a bright future and that he could change things in the United States if he is elected. He thinks America needs change after eight years under President Bush.

Raphael Bouzaglou, 32, is another Obama supporter.

Bouzaglou says if Obama is elected, he would help improve the image of the United States in Europe.