Nepalese Authorities Arrest Three Top Tibetan Activists

Authorities in Nepal have arrested three leading Tibetan activists on charges of provoking anti-China demonstrations.

Police detained the director of the Tibetan Refugee Reception Center (Kelsang Chung), and two senior officials (Ngawang Sangmo and Tashi Dolma) with the regional Tibetan Women's Association, in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, on Thursday.

Police also arrested more than 700 Tibetan exiles protesting against China.

The demonstrators were rounded up outside the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu Thursday -- in what have become almost daily anti-China protests in the Himalayan nation.

Police say the protesters will be released, but that the three Tibetan activists will remain in custody.

Tibetan exiles have been demonstrating since March when deadly clashes broke out between protesters and Chinese authorities in their homeland, Tibet.

Nepal, which regards Tibet as part of China, is home to some 20-thousand Tibetan refugees.