India Arrests At Least 265 Protesters Headed For Tibet Border བོད་སྐད།

Police in northern India have arrested at least 260 Tibetan exiles marching toward their homeland.

Officials say the protesters were stopped Wednesday, about 180 kilometers from the border. Police say they will be sent back to the city of Dharmsala, where the march began three months ago.

The exiles say they were protesting Chinese rule in Tibet. They had hoped their arrival would coincide with the start of the Beijing Olympics.

March coordinators say about 50 protesters that trailed the main group were not arrested, and will still try to reach Tibet.

India is home to more than 100-thousand Tibetan exiles. India's government has been increasingly cracking down on anti-China protests as it tries to improve relations with China after decades of mistrust.

New Delhi's response to Tibetan protests and reports of recent border incursions by Chinese troops have raised concerns in India.

The opposition Bharatiya Janata Dal (BJP) says the Indian government's response endangers India and encourages China.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.