The March to Tibet བརྙན་འཕྲིན།

Over three hundred Tibetan Marchers bound for Tibet are being held at Banspatan, in the Indian State of Uttara Khand, less than a few days march from the Tibetan border. The leaders of the five prominent activist groups involved in organizing the action have been put under detention and the police have confiscated the vehicles carrying the groups food supplies.

The march to Tibet is a part of the Tibetan People's Uprising Movement and aims to revive the spirit of the Tibetan national uprising of 1959. The movement engages in nonviolent direct action to help bring about an end to China's repressive rule in Tibet.

Kunleng invites Tenzin Dorjee, Deputy Director of Students for Free Tibet, who will join us by phone from near the marcher's campsite in India, and Tsering Palden, President of Tibetan Youth Congress of New York and New Jersey, from our New York Studio, to discuss the possibility of the Marchers reaching Tibet, and the role that the March has played thus far in fulfilling the larger goals of the Uprising movement.