Nepalese Police Detain 50 People During Pro-Tibet Protest

Baton-wielding police in Nepal have detained about 50 people at a pro-Tibet rally in the capital, Katmandu.

Police clashed Tuesday with demonstrators gathered outside the Chinese embassy to protest Beijing's recent crackdown on demonstrations in Tibet. At least three people were injured as police tried to disperse the rally.

Later, nine Tibetan protesters entered a United Nations building in Katmandu to deliver an appeal urging the world body to pressure China to end its crackdown in Tibet.

Protesters have staged almost daily demonstrations in Nepal since March 10th, when Tibetans worldwide commemorate the failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.

Nepal, home to the second-largest community of exiled Tibetans after India, has long provided some security to Tibetans seeking refuge from religious, political and cultural persecution in Tibet.

But in recent years, it has come under increasing pressure to halt what Beijing sees as "anti-Chinese" activities.