Tibetan Exiles Suspend Protests in Nepal's Capital

Tibetan exiles in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, Thursday announced they have suspended their anti-China protests, and they will not resume demonstrations until after next week's elections in the Himalayan capital.

The April 10th election is a key part of Nepal's peace process, which has allowed former Maoist rebels to join the government after a decade-long civil war.

The new assembly will rewrite the constitution and determine the fate of Nepal's monarchy.

Tibetan exiles have held almost daily demonstrations in Nepal since March 10th, when protests began in Tibet's regional capital, Lhasa, against China's crackdown in Tibet. Riot police have broken up the rallies in Nepal with baton charges and arrested hundreds of demonstrators.

Nepal's Home Ministry has said it will not tolerate protests against nations with which it has friendly relations, such as China.