Nepalese Officials Warn Fuel Supply Running Dry བོད་སྐད།

Nepalese officials warn Friday that fuel supplies in the capital, Katmandu, are almost spent due to protests and strikes in the country's south.

The indefinite strike is the latest protest action by the ethnic Madhesis in the southern Terai region. The group is demanding greater autonomy and the right to self-determination ahead of upcoming elections.

The strike across the south has crippled fuel supplies in the capital because Terai is the only route to bring in petrol, diesel, cooking gas and kerosene.

Nepal is scheduled to hold elections on April 10th for an assembly that will rewrite the constitution and decide the country's future political system.

Earlier this week, Nepal's former Maoist rebels warned they would fight anyone who tries to disrupt the vote.

The twice-delayed poll is part of the peace process in Nepal that allowed Maoist rebels to end a decade-long armed revolt and join the government.

Nepal's ruling party recently agreed to abolish the monarchy and declare the country a republic after the elections -- a key demand of the country's former Maoist rebels.