Snow Causes Deaths, Travel Delays in China

Heavy snow in central and eastern China has disrupted traffic and caused the deaths of at least 16 people.

Chinese state media says five people died in collapsed buildings in Hebei province, which has had its heaviest snowfall in 16 years. The snow caused more than 10,000 houses in Hebei to collapse and damaged about 500,000 hectares of crops.

Eleven people died and 51 were injured in Anhui province Sunday when an crowded bus overturned on a snowy highway. Many highways in Anhui are closed because of the weather, at a time when people are beginning to travel for the Lunar New Year, celebrated in early February. Multiple flights and long-distance bus routes have been canceled.

In western Tibet, emergency workers have rescued 131 people from snowbound highways in the Ngari Prefecture since last week, but local officials fear more people may still be trapped.

Power lines carrying electricity from the Three Gorges Dam to Shanghai snapped under the weight of ice and snow. Xinhua news service says hundreds of people are working to repair it.