Tibetans Riot After Police  Detain Monks བོད་སྐད།

Rioters in Tibet destroyed shops and government offices following a dispute between Buddhist monks and a local shopkeeper. Seven people were arrested over the Nov. 20 clashes, the Xinhua News Agency said.

Among those arrested, it said, were two monks accused of robbing a motorcycle maintenance shop on Nov. 19 in the town of Paingar and five others detained for "fanning the riot" the day after the monks' arrest. According to Xinhua's account, about 190 people, including some monks, people, including other monks, gathered outside local government headquarters to demand the release of those arrested. The crowd then "destroyed shops and government facilities," Xinhua said. Authorities were searching for a third monk accused of taking part in the alleged Nov. 19 robbery, it said.

The unrest is the latest sign of social tensions in Tibet, where a heavy-handed security presence and growing numbers of Chinese migrants have stirred resentment among the Tibetan majority.