Writers Group Says Tibetan Monk Harassed For Critical Writings

An international writers group says it is concerned by reports that Tibetan monk and writer Rinchen Sangpo is being harassed by Chinese authorities.

International PEN says Rinchen Sangpo has been subject to movement restrictions and repeated harassment since he was released from one month's detention more than a year ago.

It cities reports that the writer was held for five days in April and was allegedly beaten and tortured by police officers.

The group says Rinchen Sangpo is likely being targeted for his critical writings, most recently two unpublished works entitled "The Story of Blood" and "The Story of Lhasa."

It calls on China to guarantee the monk's right to free expression.

Rinchen Sangpo has been a monk since age 16, but International PEN says he is no longer able to live at his monastery in Lhasa because he fears for his safety.