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Canadian-Tibetan Activist "Being Followed" in Beijing

A Canadian-Tibetan activist who is visiting Beijing as part of a "Free Tibet" campaign says she has been followed by suspected Chinese security agents.

Lhadon Tethong, a Canadian-born ethnic Tibetan, says several vehicles have followed her and a colleague in the Chinese capital in recent days. But, she says Chinese authorities have not interfered with her activities.

Tethong is executive director of the U.S.-based "Students for a Free Tibet" group. She began writing an Internet blog (www.beijingwideopen.org) on her experiences in China after arriving in the country last week on a tourist visa.

In her blog, she accuses Beijing of using the 2008 Olympic Games as a tool to cover up what she calls the "brutality" of China's occupation of Tibet.

Tethong says she plans to stay in the Chinese capital until Wednesday's ceremony marking the one-year countdown to the Games.

China has ruled Tibet since sending troops to the region in 1950.