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US Military: Roadside Bombs Kill Five US Soldiers in Iraq

The U.S. military says roadside bombs have killed five more American soldiers in Iraq Sunday, including four in the volatile province of Diyala north of Baghdad.

Two other U.S. soldiers were wounded in the Diyala attack.

The military also says a U.S. soldier was killed while conducting a routine bomb clearance mission in northwestern Baghdad. A statement says the soldier's unit has found 21 roadside bombs during more than 100 missions in the past week.

Also Sunday, Iraqi officials say a Sunni mosque was bombed in the town of Haswa, a day after a Shi'ite mosque was destroyed in the same town.

Meanwhile, the U.S. military says Iraqi police arrested a man Friday who planned to detonate explosives aboard a truck carrying chlorine.

U.S. officials say the truck was stopped near a police station about 150 meters from a water treatment plant in Ramadi.

Insurgents have carried out seven chlorine bomb attacks in Iraq this year.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.