གཟའ་ཉི་མ། ༢༠༢༤/༠༥/༡༩

UN Adopts Treaty Against Enforced Disappearances

A new international treaty banning nations from abducting perceived enemies and hiding them in secret prisons or killing them has been adopted by consensus by the UN General Assembly on Wednesday. The treaty requires governments to outlaw secret detentions and undeclared detention facilities and establishes the right of families to learn the fate and whereabouts of relatives who have been detained. It also creates a committee to monitor the treaty's implementation an review individual's complaints of disappearances that governments have not acknowledged. Marybeth Markey, the International Campaign for Tibet Executive Director, welcomes the adoption of the treaty saying it will be a 'groundbreaking' tool in addressing the issue of the disappearance of Panchen Lama.