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Tibetan and Chinese Writers Call China to Release Jailed Tibetan Writer

Dolma Kyab, a 29-year-old Tibetan teacher and writer, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his yet to be published book about Tibetan history, identity, sovereignty, geography and religion.

Mr. Tenzin Norgay of Tibetan Human Rights and Democracy Center told VOA Chinese service that few people had known about Kyab’s situation till he smuggled a letter out from prison to his friends recently. Kyab explains in the letter the reasons he believes the authorities arrested and charged him. He also accused the authorities of moving him away during UN human rights commission’s representative Manfred Mowark arrived in Lhasa last November to prevent them to meet.

International Pen and International Campaign for Free Tibet all demand for his immediate release. Now there are about 14 leading Chinese and Tibetan writers also are campaigning for his release. Among them there is Tibetan famous women writer Woeser. She told VOA Chinese service that she signed her name on the petition to the Chinese government after hearing the shocking news that Kyab got 10 years’ heavy punishment only for a book that has yet been published.

Woeser said the Chinese government controls Tibetan writers’ in a much tighter way than it controls Chinese Han nationality writers and punish them much more severely when it believes they are sympathetic to Dalai Lama, or to Tibetan people, culture and religions.