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One Israeli Soldier Killed, Eight Wounded in Lebanon

Israeli military officials say one Israeli soldier has been killed in clashes with Hezbollah militants in eastern Lebanon, and eight others have been wounded in a separate operation.

Israel's army says overnight clashes with Hezbollah militants around the village of Taibe left one soldier dead.

Israeli naval commandos also stormed an apartment complex in the southern Lebanese city of Tyre.

Israeli officials say they killed several Hezbollah fighters during the raid, which targeted Hezbollah rocket launchers. They say eight Israeli soldiers were wounded.

Israel dropped leaflets on the Lebanese coastal city of Sidon Saturday, warning residents to leave. Sidon is north of the Litani River, which Israel has mentioned as a military goal in its current operation.

Hezbollah fired rockets north of the Israeli city of Haifa today, injuring at least six people.

Local media in Beirut have reported Israeli airstrikes today on the city's southern suburbs - a Hezbollah stronghold.

On Friday, Lebanese officials said Israeli airstrikes killed at least 35 civilians. Israel also bombed the main coastal highway north of Beirut for the first time, forcing the United Nations to halt aid convoys that travel south from Syria.

Thousands of Israeli ground troops are fighting Hezbollah guerrillas in southern Lebanon in a push to create a buffer zone more than three weeks after cross-border violence broke out.