China Marks 30th Anniversary of Tangshan Quake That Killed 240,000

China is marking the 30th anniversary of one of the deadliest natural disasters in modern history. In the early hours of July 28th, 1976, an earthquake killed 240-thousand people in the industrial city of Tangshan.

The seven-point-eight magnitude quake flattened 90 percent of the city's buildings and seriously injured more than 100-thousand people.

Survivors of the disaster 200 kilometers east of Beijing say they remain very grateful to the Chinese military for its rescue and relief efforts. But some people in Tangshan are still bitter they were not warned of the quake.

Chinese seismologists had predicted a major earthquake would strike the region, and authorities in neighboring Qinglong county ordered evacuations. The quake leveled 180-thousand buildings in Qinglong, but there were very few casualties.