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Israel Airstrikes Hit Transmission Towers in Northern Lebanon

Lebanese officials say Israeli warplanes have destroyed transmission towers for television stations and mobile phones in two parts of northern Lebanon.

Saturday's attacks in Fartqa and Terbol were the latest against Lebanese communications infrastructure since Israel began its offensive against Hezbollah militants in Lebanon 11 days ago.

To the south, several Israeli tanks and armored vehicles crushed a border fence and drove past a U.N. observation post as Israeli forces massed along the Lebanese border. Israeli officials say they are conducting limited ground operations against targets that cannot be hit by airstrikes.

U.N. peacekeepers on the border say Israeli forces are in the Lebanese village of Maroun al-Ras near the border.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah fired more rockets at the Israeli port city of Haifa today.

Israeli aircraft dropped leaflets over southern Lebanon on Friday, urging civilians to move north of the Litani River, about 30 kilometers north of the Israeli border.

In Beirut, President Emile Lahoud said the Lebanese army will defend the country and prove it is an army worthy of respect.

Israel's offensive started when Hezbollah kidnapped two soldiers and killed eight in a July 12 raid into Israel. More than 300 Lebanese and 34 Israelis have been killed in the violence, with another 500 Lebanese and 200 Israelis wounded.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.