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Rights Groups Slam Canadian GobiMIn's Interest in a Zinc-Copper Property in Tibet

The Canadian mining company GobiMin has acquired 30% equity interest in Tibet Dazi PuXiong Copper Company Limited which owns exploration license of the Malonglang Copper-Zinc project located in Dazi County.

The Malonglang project encompasses an area of 26.9 sq. kilometers east of Lhasa, and is easily accessible by paved road. Rights organisations have slammed the Canadian company for its in mining in Tibet. "....there is a high risk that your activity will negatively impact the livelihood of Tibetan people, their culture and their environment", said Mr. Tenzin Dargya of Canada Tibet Committee. Similarly, Mr. Dorjee says that the SFT protests everyone, be it Chinese or foreign companies who exploit the natural resources of Tibet.