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Tibet's Third Civilian Airport Ready for Operation

The third civilian airport in Tibet has passed official quality test and is ready for operation. construction of Nyingchi Airport started in October 2004 and cost more than 700 million yuan(87.5 million US dollars). With a 3,000-meter-long
runway, the airport, 400 kilometers from Tibet's capital of Lhasa, is expected to have an annual passenger traffic of 120,000. Xinhua further reports that the airport is located at 2,954 meters above sea level, lower than the other two civilian airports in Lhasa and Chamdo. Its low altitude wil make Nyingchi an ideal first stop for tourists to gradually adapt themselves to Tibet's highland climate and minimize the harms of low oxygen. Nyingchi is known for its humid, and mild weather, beautiful landscape and rich natural resources. About 120 kilometers from this airport is the Yarlung Zangpo River Grand Canyon, the world's largest canyon which is expected to attract large number of tourists in future.