Bush Names New Press Secretary

President Bush has chosen a Washington journalist and former White House aide as his new press secretary. Tony Snow replaces Scott McClellan as the president's chief spokesman.

The president made the announcement in the White House briefing room, appearing before reporters with Scott McClellan on one side of the podium, and Tony Snow, the new press secretary on the other.

"I am confident Tony Snow will make an outstanding addition to this White House staff. I am confident he will help you do your job," said Mr. Bush.

Snow brings both journalism and White House experience to the job. He is a radio talk show host and television commentator for the Fox broadcast network. Before joining Fox, he was a speech writer for former President George Bush, and a newspaper columnist.

He is considered a political conservative, but he has not been shy about criticizing administration policies - a point that was not lost on the president.

"He is not afraid to express his own opinions," noted President Bush. "Those of you who have read his columns or listened to his radio show, he sometimes has disagreed with me. I asked him about those comments and he said: 'You should have heard what I said about the other guy!'"

Snow joins the administration at a time when the president's approval ratings in public-opinion polls are just above 30 percent. The appointment is part of an effort to re-energize and restructure the White House staff. More changes are expected in the days and weeks ahead.