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American Hostage Found Dead in Iraq

The body of an American hostage has been found in Iraq.

Authorities say there were signs that Christian peace activist Tom Fox was beaten before he was killed. His body was found Thursday with bound hands and gunshot wounds.

He was one of four Western aid workers from the North American-based Christian Peacemaker Teams who were abducted in Iraq in November. The fate of the others - two Canadians and a Briton - is not known. They were shown without the American in a videotape aired on Arabic television this week.

Meanwhile, gunmen Saturday in Baghdad killed a journalist for Iraqi television and his driver. The U.S. military also said coalition forces detained a number of suspected insurgents in raids.

Meanwhile in Washington, President Bush expressed hope about the future of Iraq, saying he is optimistic that Iraqis will overcome the challenges they face.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.