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Saddam Challenges Witness Testimony in Baghdad Trial, Threatens Walkout

The seventh day Saddam Hussein's trial continued Thursday in Baghdad. Two witnesses testified, as the defendants and defense attorneys threatened a walkout.

Early in the trial, Saddam Hussein reiterated his claim that he was abused at the hands of the American military during his detention. He accused the White House of lying about the abuse and mentioned the American failure to find weapons of mass destruction.

Saddam's outburst came after testimony from a witness who said his brother and father were killed by Saddam's security forces in 1982, after an alleged assassination attempt on the former president's life.

Later in the trial, the prosecution threatened to walk out, if Saddam's former intelligence chief and half brother, Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, were allowed to continue to insult the trial and its witnesses.

Mr. Tikriti had said the prosecutors were liars.

The threat sparked an argument that ended with the defense team, Saddam, and three of his co-defendents standing up, also threatening to leave. Guards approached the defendants as the judge told them to sit down.

Calm was restored after the judge removed a guard the defense team objected to. Saddam told the judge that his patience showed his ability to preside fairly over the hearings.