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Tibetans in Dharmsala Conduct Referendum on Electing Welfare Officer

Tibetans in Dharamsala wedesday goes to Referendum on electing Welfare Officer. Tibetans living in Dharamsala gathered to vote in a Referendum to decide wether they elect Tibetan Welfare Officer or request Tibetan Exile Government to appoint a Welfare Officer.

According to Charter of Tibetan Exiles, Tibetans living in India and Nepal has to elect Settlemnet Officer or Welfarer Officer. If they wish not to elect local Officail they may request Home Department to appoint Settlement Officer or Welfare Officer.

In previous Mr. Dawa Tsering was elected as the Welfare Officer for two term but last time they could not elect Welfare Officer due to shortage of percentage received by a candidate. Mr. Thupten Nyandak, Chairman of Local Assembly demands change in code of rule to alect a Welfare and make 33% as required votes to be elected.

Current code of rule says a candidate must get atleast 50% of votes to be elected as Settlement Officer or Welfare Officer. He says 50% of vote is too high. Exit poll suggest Tibetans in Dharamsala will choose to request Home Department to appoint the Welfare Officer.