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Tibetans and Devotees Welcome Dalai Lama in Minneapolis

Arrival in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Arrival in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Tibetans and supporters of all ages from various parts of Minnesota warmly welcomed the Dalai Lama on his arrival in Minneapolis after completing his high profile visit to the United State’s west coast cities.

The President of the Tibetan Association of Minnesota tells VOA that around 400 Tibetans attended the welcome ceremony organized by the Tibetan community for Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama’s Representative to North America, Mr. Penpa Tsering says that the Tibetan spiritual leader has no scheduled program on June 21st and from June 22, he will be participating in a humanitarian panel discussion organized by the Starkey Hearing Technologies along with Starkey's owner, Bill Austin.

The Nobel Laureate will also be addressing the foundation's two thousand employees.