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California Based Tibetan Starts 'Tibetan Kids Book Project'

Tibetan Kids Book Project
Tibetan Kids Book Project

With the increasing number of Tibetans settling in the west, Tibetan children are facing numerous challenges in learning their mother tongue in a foreign land and environment.

This rings especially true for those who were born and brought up in the west, compared to the ones who have immigrated from Tibet and Tibetan refugee settlements in India and Nepal.

Seeing this challenge, California based Tibetan Dhundup Tsering started the 'Tibetan Kids Book Project' that aims to teach Tibetan language to young Tibetans through easy to understand language and pictures.

Tsering has published 5 kids books, Tibetan alphabet flash cards, and Tibetan Blackboard which are all available for sale on Amazon.com and in his own website: http://www.tibetanbabybooks.com/

On this week’s Table Talk, reporter Rinzin discusses the project and its benefit for the Tibetan kids living in the west.