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Dalai Lama Concludes 3-Day Teachings in Tawang

Dalai Lama Concludes 3-Day Teachings in Tawang
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On the last day of the 3-day teaching in Tawang, the Dalai Lama conferred empowerment of Rigzin Dongdup to more than 40,000 devotees gathered from different parts of Arunachal Pradesh and as well as many thousands from Bhutan.

Tibet's spiritual leader was offered long life ceremony according to the ritual of White Tara after the empowerment.

The Nobel Laureate also launched a book on life and works of present Dalai Lama titled "Ocean and Blue Mountain" and blessed around 100,000 tree saplings.

The parliamentary secretary and member of legislative assembly (MLA) of Arunachal Pradesh, Shri Jampel Tashi also gave a speech at the event.