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Kalachakra Initiation Ends With Offering Long Life Ceremony to Dalai Lama

Sakya Trizin presenting offerings during the Long Life Offering Ceremony for the Dalai Lama

The 34th Kalachakra Initiation 2017 ended with offering of long life ceremony to the Dalai Lama led by Sakya Trizin Rinpoche on Saturday, January 14, 2017.

Tibet's spiritual leader gladly accepted to live around 100 years before the ceremony began, and gave an empowerment of Avalokitesvara Khasarpani called "Sarvadurgaparishodhana, Freeing of All Unfortunate Destinies" to the gathering of around 200,000 devotees from 92 countries.

The Dalai Lama Greeting Young Pilgrims
The Dalai Lama Greeting Young Pilgrims

The closing event of the Kalachakra Initiation was attended by the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar where Kalon for Religious and Cultural Affairs of the Central Tibetan Administration, Karma Gelek Yuthok presented the account statement of the organizing committee of Kalachakra 2017.