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Tibetan Reincarnation Based Play Wins Theater Awards

Tsering Dorjee
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Tibetan Buddhist reincarnation based American play, 'Oldest Boy' has won three theater awards including the 'Outstanding Choreography' to its only Tibetan actor and production team member Tsering Dorjee Bawa from Theatre Bay Area Award (TBA awards).

Dorjee tells VOA that the award represents a big recognition for his hard work, and he and his family were ecstatic to receive the honor.

The same play has won this year’s TBA award for Outstanding Production of a Play, Outstanding Costume Design, and Outstanding Choreography.

Written by an award winning play writer Sarah Ruhl and directed by Sarah Rasmussen, the play is about an American mother and her Tibetan husband, and how they cope with their son’s fate when he was recognized as the reincarnation of a Tibetan lama.

The play has been shown in five major cities of the United States and 225 times in theaters in different cities.